5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in USA March 2023

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The crypto market has grown exponentially in recent years, both in the United States and elsewhere. Therefore, finding the Right Cryptocurrency Exchange can be tedious for both beginners and experienced traders.

Choosing the proper exchange is even more difficult in the United States, where the list of available exchanges is long.

  • First, you need to find out how many currencies, trading pairs, and fees are supported on the exchange. 
  • Second, before joining, you need to make sure your company invests in high-tech security techniques and has a quick support team.

Here are the Best Crypto Exchanges in US for March 2023

Based on these factors, we’ve created a list of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the USA with a detailed review of each one of them.


Coinbase is the most prominent and established cryptocurrency exchange, supporting all the U.S. states except Hawaii. Furthermore, it operates in 100 countries with 30 million traders, offering a crypto trade platform for 50+ coins. For more in-depth information about Coinbase, read the Coinbase review.


Coinbase Interface In Mobile App
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In addition, it extends various services such as:

  1. Best Cryptocurrency Investing 
  2. An advanced Trading Platform
  3. Coinbase Staking
  4. Custodial Accounts
  5. Coinbase Crypto card
  6. The U.S. Dollar Stable Coin 

It is a perfect option for novice traders because it has a learning program and an easy-to-sign-up trade platform. Also, it has a user-friendly and straightforward interface. Moreover, it pulls a massive trade volume as it is highly liquid and easy to use. The Coinbase app is available on both android and iOS.

Buying Cryptocurrency From Coinbase
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Coinbase Fees Structure

It has a complex and expensive fee structure. It imposes a transaction fee of 1.49% for standard and 3.99% for credit card purchases. Furthermore, it charges a flat fee for transactions below $200 or a certain percentage depending on the crypto used.

However, you can switch to Coinbase Pro, which extends an advanced and robust trade experience. It imposes low fees and might be complex for a new trader. 

Coinbase App User Interface Designs
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Coinbase: Pros & Cons

Simple User interfaceHigh transaction fee
Very High LiquidityNo control over wallet fees
Extensive selection of cryptocurrenciesDifficult to understand the fee structure
Convenient and user friendlyPoor customer support
Secure, regulated, and licensed


CEX.io is a multifunctional exchange platform relied upon by 3 million people. Furthermore, it stands out as a one-stop shop for all crypto-related activities. It extends many crypto products, features, and tools to allow individuals quick and easy access to cryptocurrency assets.

Cex.io App User Interface Designs
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  1. Brokerage Service provides a crypto buying (via card/ wire transfer) platform. {preferable for novice traders}
  2. Moreover, CEX.io trading services present an advanced platform with exceptional features and decent liquidity. It enables cross-platform trading and gives advanced reporting. {suitable for advanced traders}
  3. Further, it offers an advanced platform for margin trading and CEX Broker and supports trading via CFDs. Users can trade with up to 100x leverage which is extremely risky.
  4. Lastly, the team also has a staking service for various cryptos.

The CEX.io trading platform is apt for beginners and pro traders. It is a regulated exchange with a comprehensive customer support base. Moreover, it is registered with FINCEN and is completely secure and therefore trusted by millions of traders.

However, there is a transaction limit. For instance, verified accounts’ purchasing limit is up to $1000 worth of Bitcoin per day only.



Also, users can upgrade their tier to increase the transaction limit and features provided. 

Cex.io Wallet
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CEX.io Fees Structure

  1. The trading fee for takers is 0.10%-0.25%, and for makers, 0.00%-0.16%.
  2. Further, the deposit fee is relative to fiat currency and payment methods. For example, VISA and MasterCard for USD charge 2.99%, while Skrill charges 3.99%. Whereas a transaction using ACH and bank transfer is free.
  3. Though, the withdrawal fee varies on the withdrawal method. A VISA Card costs 3% + $1.20, Mastercard costs 1.8% + $1.20. Skrill takes up 1%, Bank transfers 0.3% + $25, and ACH/SEPA/ faster payments are free.

CEX.io: Pros & Cons

Facilitates buying bitcoins with a credit cardLess coin/ cryptocurrency options
Fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto purchasesA high brokerage services fee
Suitable for amateurs as well as veteransTransaction limits for Basic account holders
24/ 7 Quick and reliable customer support

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Kraken is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges. Secondly, it is a reputable platform for traders in the United States to earn a profit with leverage. Also, the first cryptocurrency index futures allows users to capitalize on the rise/ fall of an index in the form of a futures contract.

5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Usa March 2023 19

It provides a robust platform for professionals, intermediate, seasoned, and beginners with over 100+ trading pairs. It offers trading markets such as derivatives, leveraged tokens, options, and volatility products. In addition, it provides many financial products.


  1. Futures Contract: They are financial instruments for trading without holding underlying digital coins. It allows speculation on the future price of cryptocurrency without its ownership.
  2. Move Contract: They are derivatives for tracking the volatility of cryptocurrency. Currently, only available for BTC.
  3. Leveraged Tokens: Kraken extends a feature to trade crypto options short or long through leverage. It has a set of ERC-20 tokens to simplify leveraged positions.
  4. Prediction Markets: They allow speculation on an outcome by predicting the occurrence of a particular event in the future.
  5. Spot Trading: Kraken offers a spot market for instant crypto and fiat trade.
  6. Kraken Token and Wallet: Kraken token is a utility token on the platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Kraken Wallet stores crypto++ fiat currency balances and manage all the transactions.
  7. OTC Service: An exclusive OTC service for bulk purchases of crypto.

A robust customer base is another powerful feature of the exchange. It supports many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other stablecoins. It also extends a fully functional mobile application.

Karken Interface
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Kraken Fees Structure

30- Day Volume (USD)MakerTaker
$0 – $50,0000.16%0.26%
$50,001 – $100,0000.14%0.24%
$100,001 – $250,0000.12%0.22%
$250,001 – $500,0000.10%0.20%
$500,001 – $1,000,0000.08%0.18%
$1,000,001 – $2,500,0000.06%0.16%
$2,500,001 – $5,000,0000.04%0.14%
$5,000,001 – $10,000,0000.02%0.12%
  1. Fees are charged on a per-trade basis.
  2. Fees are calculated as a percentage of the trade’s quote currency volume (by default). Certain pairs allow the fee to be calculated based on the trade’s base currency, which can be specified when ordering using the Fee Currency option.
  3. User fee volume levels are measured using the equivalent market value of the listed “Fee Volume Currency” at the time of the trade. Note that this currency may be different from the pair’s base or quote currency.
  4. User fee volume levels are measured and applicable for trades occurring in the last 30 days only.
  5. Discount tiers are assessed after every trade, so you get your discounts when you earn them.
  6. Our volume-based discounts are designed to be attainable so investors of all sizes are rewarded for their trades.
  7. If you’re not a frequent trader but you do big volume, consider our OTC service for a more cost-effective, personal experience.

Kraken: Pros & Cons

Purchase cryptocurrency using a credit cardThe leveraged tokens are risky
Low fees and up to 101x leverageLimited services when compared to Coinbase
45+ leveraged tokens available
Professional user interface
Responsive customer support team
Mobile app


Firstly, Gemini Crypto Exchange is a New York-based most secure crypto exchange known for compliance with USA laws and regulations. It is operational in all 50 states of the USA. It extends a wide variety of financial products and services. 

Genemi Mobile App User Interface Designs
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Furthermore, it has an ‘automatic buy’ feature, which allows the users to schedule purchases every day, week, or as often as desired, making dollar-cost averaging much easier. It also has an extension to the existing website- ActiveTrader. In addition, it has more sophisticated features and tools. To know more, read our Gemini review.


  1. Gemini Clearing Portal: A default platform that streamlines trading with an easy-to-use interface.
  2. Gemini Custody: Custodial service regulated as a New York trust company with insurance up to $200 million.
  3. Clearing: This is an OTC desk for crypto trading.
  4. Gemini Pay: A service that empowers users to spend their crypto for retail purchases in up to 30,000 stores in the USA.
  5. Gemini Earn: For earning interest on the unused crypto balance on the platform. The interest is up to 7.4% on various tokens. {3.05% on Bitcoin}
  6. Crypto App: It provides an application for trading on android and iOS operating devices.
  7. Gemini Dollar: Has a stablecoin that is functional for all transactions.
  8. Nifty Marketplace: Offers a platform for the purchase & sale of digital art and collectables.

The most prominent advantage of Gemini is the ability to trade in real dollars. Gemini offers more than 45 coins & tokens for trading with 19 trading pairs. Users can deposit without KYC but can not withdraw without KYC. It is suitable for peer-to-peer and crypto-to-crypto trading and caters to both beginners and experienced traders.

Gemini is easy to use, with a quick setup and convenient interface. The platform’s customer support is impressive, with the column of in-depth FAQs available on the website. Also, the email provided is prompt and beneficial.

Gemini App User Interface Designs On Pc
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Gemini Crypto Fee Structure

Gemini charges a low fee. However, it might be expensive for small traders. 

  1. Firstly, Gemini imposes a convenience and transaction fee. Therefore, the convenience fee is 0.5% included in the quoted price of crypto. But, the transaction fee varies from currency to currency and volume to volume. Thus, It ranges from $0.99 for transactions lesser than $10 to 1.49% for transactions greater than $200.
  2. Deposit via ACH, Wire Transfer, or external accounts is free. However, a debit card pulls 3.49% of deposit fees.
  3. Withdrawals hold no fees on the platform.

Though fees on ActiveTrader are better in comparison. Check the detailed fee structure here.

Gemini: Pros and Cons

Wide variety of servicesRelatively high fees
Secure and insuredFew payment methods
Intuitive to useSome popular cryptocurrencies are not on the platform {such as Cardano, Ripple, and Stellar Lumens}
Highly-rated mobile app
Earn interest on cryptocurrency balances
Available in all U.S. states.
ActiveTrader™ offers professional-level trading features.


Binance is the leading crypto exchange with over 200 crypto assets supported. Therefore, it is apt for novice or veteran traders. Binance.US is fit for USA traders as it complies with US trade regulations. Specifically, it is the largest exchange platform by trading volume. As a result, trading on Binance is fully secure through 2-FA and anti-phishing measures. It offers a wide array of services and features.

Binance.us Poster
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  1. Binance Exchange: is a trading platform categorized into primary, classic, and professional.
  2. Binance reward: Binance offers its users a reward for depositing and staking cryptos. It also gives loans secured by crypto assets.
  3. Spot Trading: Binance allows users to spot trade. Moreover, users can also do margin and futures trading.
  4. OTC: Binance enables bulk purchase & sale of crypto with better pricing. However, users need to complete KYC verification for trading on the OTC portal.
  5. Leveraged Tokens: Binance extends derivatives that provide UP & DOWN contracts betting on some crypto prices.
  6. Binance App: It extends a mobile application for trade on the go for android and iOS devices.
  7. Binance Wallet: Extends a wallet to hold crypto and fiat currencies. 

Further, the Binance Futures Platform supports crypto trading through derivatives. Furthermore, the portal enables leveraged trading up to 125X.  

Binance provides its users with three chart forms- Original, TradingView, and Depth.

Traders can purchase crypto via bank deposits, credit/ debit cards, bank transfers, and third-party payments {Banxa & Simplex}. Moreover, Binance allows trade with the broadest range of cryptos available today.

Cryptocurrency In Binance.us
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Binance Fees Structure

It has a tier-based fee arrangement based upon 30-day trading volume or 24-hour Binance Coin Holdings.

  1. Binance Trading Fees: These vary from tier to tier. It ranges from 0.1% for the taker and maker to 0.02%/ 0.04% for the maker and the taker.
  2. Margin Borrow Interest Rates: It varies on tier and the crypto assets involved. It ranges from 0.016% to 0.022%.
  3. Withdrawal Fees: There are no withdrawal fees. But, the minimum withdrawal limit varies from crypto to crypto.
  4. Spot Trading Fee: The spot trading fee is 0.1%. 

Binance allows an instant buy/ sell option that pulls a 0.5% fee. Also, a Debit card attracts a 4.5% fee. Therefore, users are entitled to an additional 25% discount if they pay the trading fees using Binance Coin.

Binance.us App Interface
5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Usa March 2023 25

Binance.US: Pros and Cons 

A user-friendly platformHigh Trading Fee for Debit card Users
A wide array of cryptos in the marketNot available in seven US states
A comprehensive range of crypto pairings to tradeFewer crypto-to-crypto currency pairs in the US portal
High trading volume
High liquidity
Deposit and withdrawals via crypto and fiat money
Stake cryptos
Mobile Compatible: Android and IOS
Low Trading Fees

Best Crypto Exchange in the USA: Conclusion

All the five crypto exchanges mentioned above cater to varied trader wants.

  • Coinbase is the leading portal for faster trade & high liquidity, qualifying as the most trustworthy & secure portal.
  • Kraken Pro is for Industry-leading fees across all of their products.
  • Gemini qualifies as the most secure crypto exchange with a big diversity of services. It is suitable for seasonal traders& most importantly, it offers interest on the crypto balance.
  • Cex.io is suitable for beginners and experienced traders with a user-friendly UI & interface, and It Also supports credit cards.
  • Binance is useful for diverse crypto assets, and its features extend with high trading volume and liquidity, It has great services.

Lastly, all these exchanges are beneficial in one way or another. Choose a platform to suit your needs.

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