Big Brother Season 25 Cast: Meet the Contestants Making History

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The anticipation for the 25th season of ‘Big Brother’ ! is reaching its peak as the show prepares to welcome a diverse and groundbreaking cast of contestants.

This season promises to be unlike any other, with a group of 16 individuals vying for the coveted $750,000 prize..

Among them are trailblazers, representing several firsts in the show’s history. From the first hearing-impaired houseguest to the first Sikh and Australian participants, ‘Big Brother’ season 25 is set to break new ground..

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the exciting cast and give you a glimpse into what to expect from this highly anticipated season..

Big Brother Season 25 Cast, Check The Full List of Celebrities Here

  1. America Lopez
  2. Blue Kim
  3. Bowie Jane Ball
  4. Cameron Harding
  5. Cory Wurtenberger
  6. Felicia Cannon
  7. Hisam Goueli
  8. Izzy Gleicher
  9. Jag Bains
  10. Jared Fields
  11. Kirsten Elwin
  12. Luke Valentine
  13. Matt Klotz
  14. Mecole Hayes
  15. Red Utley
  16. Reilly Smedley

These 16 houseguests will compete for the grand prize of $750,000 in the ‘Big Brother’ season 25 competition.

The Unveiling of the Houseguests

On Monday, ‘Big Brother’ revealed the 16 houseguests who will be moving into the iconic house during the live 90-minute premiere on Wednesday.

Inside Big Brother House Season 25
Inside Big Brother House Season 25

This diverse contestant group will surely bring drama, excitement, and unexpected alliances to the game.. Several individuals are set among the cast to make history and add unique perspectives to the show…

1. America Lopez: Breaking Barriers

America Lopez Big-Brother
America Lopez Big-Brother

America Lopez will make history as the first hearing-impaired houseguest. Hailing from Edinburg, Texas, and currently residing in Brooklyn, she works as a Medical Receptionist. America’s participation is a testament to the show’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

2. Blue Kim: A Strategist in the Mix

Blue Kim Big-Brother
Blue Kim Big-Brother

Blue Kim, a Brand Strategist from Riverside, California, is poised to bring his analytical and strategic mindset into the game. His presence will undoubtedly shake things up, and his tactical approach will be fascinating to watch.

3. Bowie Jane Ball: A Barrister with a Twist

Bowie Jane Big-Brother
Bowie Jane Big-Brother

Bowie Jane Ball, a Barrister/DJ from Melbourne, Australia, will bring her legal prowess to the table and add a unique cultural perspective to the house. Her background promises to introduce exciting new dynamics to the show.

4. Cameron Harding: The Stay-at-Home Dad

Cameron Harding Big-Brother
Cameron Harding Big-Brother

Cameron Harding from Eastman, Georgia, will represent the stay-at-home dads in the ‘Big Brother’ house. His life experiences and ability to connect with others could make him a formidable player in the game.

5. Cory Wurtenberger: The Young College Student

Cory Wurtenberger Big-Brother
Cory Wurtenberger Big-Brother

Cory Wurtenberger, a Weston, Florida college student, is the house’s youngest contestant. His youthful energy and fresh perspective will undoubtedly be intriguing to watch as he navigates the game’s challenges.

6. Felicia Cannon: The Seasoned Real Estate Agent

Felicia Cannon Big-Brother
Felicia Cannon Big-Brother

Felicia Cannon, the first female houseguest over 60, is an experienced Real Estate Agent from Tacoma, Washington, currently residing in Kennesaw, Georgia. Her wisdom and life experience could make her a respected figure in the house.

7. Hisam Goueli: The Geriatric Physician

Hisam Goueli Big-Brother
Hisam Goueli Big-Brother

Hisam Goueli, a Geriatric Physician from Minneapolis, currently residing in Seattle, will offer a unique blend of medical knowledge and interpersonal skills. His ability to read people’s behaviours could be an asset in the game.

8. Izzy Gleicher: The Musical Flutist

Izzy Gleicher Big-Brother
Izzy Gleicher Big-Brother

Izzy Gleicher, a Professional Flutist from New York City, brings her artistic talent and creativity to the ‘Big Brother’ house. Her ability to think outside the box might prove advantageous in the game.

9. Jag Bains: The Truck Company Owner

Jag Bains Big-Brother
Jag Bains Big-Brother

Jag Bains, a Truck Company Owner from Omak, Washington, is sure to be a strategic player with a strong work ethic. His business acumen might help him navigate the social intricacies of the game.

10. Jared Fields: The Exterminator

Jared Fields Big-Brother
Jared Fields Big-Brother

Jared Fields, an Exterminator from Norwalk, Connecticut, could bring a surprising skill set to the house. His ability to deal with pests might be useful when dealing with unexpected challenges.

11. Kirsten Elwin: The Molecular Biologist

Kirsten Elwin Big-Brother
Kirsten Elwin Big-Brother

Kirsten Elwin, a Molecular Biologist with roots in Orlando, Florida, via Dominica, brings her scientific mind to the game. Her analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities could make her a formidable competitor.

12. Luke Valentine: The Creative Illustrator

Luke Valentine Big-Brother
Luke Valentine Big-Brother

Luke Valentine, an Illustrator from Weston, Florida, currently residing in Coral Springs, will showcase his artistic talents while navigating the competitive landscape of the ‘Big Brother’ house.

13. Matt Klotz: The Deaflympics Gold Medalist

Matt Klotz Big-Brother
Matt Klotz Big-Brother


Matt Klotz, a Deaflympics Gold Medalist from Cameron Park, California, currently residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will bring determination and a strong competitive spirit to the game.

14. Mecole Hayes: The Political Consultant

Mecole Hayes Big-Brother
Mecole Hayes Big-Brother

Mecole Hayes, a Political Consultant from St. Louis, currently residing in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is likely to bring his strategic skills and charisma to the social game of ‘Big Brother.’

15. Red Utley: The Sales Specialist

Red Utley Big-Brother
Red Utley Big-Brother

Red Utley, a Sales Specialist from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, promises to charm his way into alliances and potentially use his salesmanship to his advantage in the game.

16. Reilly Smedley: The Bartender

Reilly Smedley Big-Brother
Reilly Smedley Big-Brother

Reilly Smedley, a Bartender from Portland, Maine, currently residing in Nashville, will add a touch of charisma and social finesse to the ‘Big Brother’ house.

17. Cirie Fields: The Nurse

Cirie Field-Big-Brother
Cirie Field-Big-Brother

Cirie Fields is a Nurse, who is 53 years old

Where to Watch ‘Big Brother’ Season 25?

Fans of ‘Big Brother’ can catch the excitement of the 25th season on their screens. The show airs on CBS, and viewers have multiple options to watch it:

  • Live Broadcast: Tune in to CBS on Thursdays from 9 pm to 10 pm ST to watch ‘Big Brother’ live as the drama unfolds.
  • Additional Episodes: In addition to the live broadcasts, you can also catch ‘Big Brother’ on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 pm to 9 pm ET.

It’s important to note that the scheduling might have some flexibility. CBS has indicated that there could be changes in the airing days when other popular shows like ‘The Amazing Race’ and ‘Survivor’ return, possibly shifting ‘Big Brother’ from Wednesday to Tuesday during the fall season.

Reason for the Delay of ‘Big Brother’

The 25th season of ‘Big Brother’ was a bit later in its start than previous seasons. This delay was attributed to the impact of a writers’ strike, which affected the production timeline. While earlier seasons typically kicked off in late June or early July, the delay allowed the show’s creators and producers to ensure that the new season would meet the high expectations of its dedicated fan base.

As fans eagerly awaited the return of ‘Big Brother,’ the delay also built up anticipation and excitement for what promises to be a memorable and groundbreaking season.

So, mark your calendars and make sure to tune in to CBS to catch all the twists, turns, alliances, and evictions that make ‘Big Brother’ a beloved and thrilling reality TV experience!

The Twists and Turns

Before the season kicks off, ‘Big Brother’ fans eagerly await the unveiling of the season’s twist. The show has a history of introducing unexpected turns that keep both houseguests and viewers on their toes..

This time, alums Frankie Grande, Britney Haynes, and Danielle Reyes have activated a Time Laser, potentially rewriting their past ‘Big Brother’ journeys..

The effects of this twist will undoubtedly reverberate throughout the season, adding an exciting element of unpredictability.

The Theme of Unity and Diversity

One of the most exciting aspects of ‘Big Brother’ season 25 is the diverse cast of houseguests, representing various cultures, professions, and life stages…

This season is a celebration of unity in diversity, as it brings together individuals from different walks of life to coexist within the confines of the ‘Big Brother’ house…

Viewers can expect to witness meaningful interactions, heartfelt conversations, and potential alliances that transcend boundaries…

The show’s commitment to inclusivity is further highlighted by the inclusion of the first Sikh houseguest, adding a unique cultural perspective that has not been seen in previous seasons…

This groundbreaking step allows the audience to understand and appreciate the rich tapestry of human experiences…

Julie Chen Moonves: The Unwavering Host

As ‘Big Brother’ season 25 unfolds, one familiar face will be gracing the screens once again as the host: Julie Chen Moonves..

Her presence as the host has been a constant throughout the show’s history, and her charisma and professionalism have endeared her to both contestants and viewers alike..

Julie’s ability to connect with the houseguests and draw out their emotions during evictions and other pivotal moments is a testament to her skill as a host…

The Power of the Head of Household

In the ‘Big Brother’ game, winning the Head of Household (HoH) title is a significant milestone…

The HoH holds the power to nominate two houseguests for eviction, which sets the stage for intense strategizing and social manoeuvring…

The HoH competition is a high-stakes event that tests the contestant’s physical and mental capabilities, and securing this position often puts a target on the winner’s back..

As alliances form and dissolve, the HoH’s decisions can drastically impact the game’s trajectory. It’s not uncommon for houseguests to become pawns in more significant strategic moves, leading to surprising evictions and unexpected twists that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

A Journey of Perseverance and Strategy

Throughout the season, viewers will witness a fascinating journey of perseverance and strategy..

The ‘Big Brother’ house is a pressure cooker of emotions, and contestants must navigate complex social dynamics while remaining focused on the ultimate goal: reaching the finale and claiming the grand prize..

Strategic gameplay involves forming alliances, building trust, and sometimes betraying former allies to advance in the game. Contestants must adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, make calculated moves, and maintain solid interpersonal connections to stay in the running..

The Impact of Viewer Voting

Apart from the traditional gameplay, viewer participation plays a significant role in shaping the ‘Big Brother’ narrative…

Throughout the season, viewers have the opportunity to influence the game through various voting mechanisms, such as voting for twists, power-ups, and even evictions..

These twists can introduce unexpected challenges or advantages for the houseguests, adding an interactive element that engages the audience on a whole new level…


As ‘Big Brother’ season 25 prepares to make its debut, the stage is set for an exhilarating and groundbreaking journey..

With a cast representing various backgrounds, professions, and life experiences, the show promises to explore human dynamics, competition, and strategic gameplay..

Viewers can look forward to witnessing the rise of new alliances, the clash of personalities, and the triumphs of the competitors as they vie for the title of the first Head of Household and, ultimately, the winner of this remarkable season..


When will ‘Big Brother’ season 25 premiere?

The 25th season of ‘Big Brother’ will premiere on Wednesday night with a live 90-minute episode.

Who will be the first Head of Household?

The first Head of Household is yet to be determined. Tune in to the premiere to find out!

Which contestant will be the show’s first hearing-impaired houseguest?

America Lopez will make history as the first hearing-impaired houseguest.

How much is the grand prize for the winner?

The winner of ‘Big Brother’ season 25 will receive a grand prize of $750,000.

What twist can we expect this season?

The season’s twist, involving the Time Laser, has been activated by former alums, potentially altering the game in unforeseen ways.

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