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With the introduction of certified courses in the field of law and public policy, the foundation joined its hands in attempt to impart the skills required to convert the intangible thoughts of the youth into the prevalence of policy making decisions. The courses were designed under the direct supervision of the trained professionals at both levels. Upon the successful completion of these courses, the students were taught to gain expertise in shaping public policymaking along with its its formulation, analysis and implementation.

Students in the law and public policy program form their curriculam in consultation with, and subject to the approval of the certificate program faculty advisor and our Hon’ble veteran speakers in the field. These courses are designed to benefit those individuals who wish to expand their practical knowledge and credentials in law and public policy programs. Since its inception, the programme has received a tremendous response of 35 dedicated students showing their immense interest in learning and exposing themselves to the world.

 The programme was inaugurated by our highly Hon’ble speakers named Dr. Sudhir Krishnaswami (VC, NLSIU- Bangaluru) , Senior Advocate Vikramjit Banerjee (Additional Solicitor General), Mr. Ravishankar Jha (Ministry of Commerce & Industry), Prof. Bishhwanath Jha, Mr. Namit Saxena (AOR, Supreme Court). The foundation thanks all the speakers and participants for their incite and support towards the goal for undertaking these programmes and leading the foundation to a greater success by taking us a step ahead towards better policy reforms and its implementation.


In an effort to provide a comprehensive insight into the public policy related issues and progress, Adhyayan Foundation for Policy and Research profoundly introduces its monthly journal named as ‘The Democratic Line’. The primary focus of the journal is to integrate the ideas related to social science disciplines (Political Studies, Legal Studies, Economic Studies, International Relations) of veteran academicians, researchers, policy makers, lawyers, experts and activists who carry their expertise to endeavor and bring remarkable changes in the implementation of the policies in the favour of national interest.  It helps to fill the gap between policy making and its further implementation on the ground levels. With the introduction of this journal, we have listed out all the forthcoming policies by covering the following dimensions in our 3 Volumes with the themes of:

  • National Security: This Volume deals with the whole palatte of defence issues ranging from International Relations to Border Security for India, focussing on defence policies and checking its implementation, suggesting better approach and vision to protect the nation alongside.
  • North East Policy: This theme is mainly focused on the educational and development processes, and the impacts of isolating the region from the mainland since the British era along with exploring reasons for the so called backwardness of the region caused due to militant activities, infilteration, borderline disputes, religious malpractices and inhumane activities. This theme also envisions to inculcate the feeling of togetherness and unity in the general public for the people residing in North-East region so that they could also feel inseparable and essential part of India .
  • Spectrum of Gender, Law and Society: This theme covers the issues regarding discrimination and oppression of women prevailing in various forms under the garb of so called progressive development since the colonial rule, thus demanding strict policies for women empowerment along with putting a vigilant eye on existing laws regarding gender neutrality. It also sheds light on changing nature of gender with socio-economic perspective and socio-legal discourses in India and the need for affirmative action.
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