Chapri: Everything About Chapris in India

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Special species of human beings which are found only in India

Found in TikTok, but soon after the government made a ban on TikTok, they became refugees in their own platform but soon managed to escape and come to TikTok and started posting illogical and unwanted posts and made Instagram waste

These Chapris are soon planning to come to youtube and spoil the platform, introducing shorts made it easier for them to make youtube a TikTok

Types of chapris in India

  1. North India- chapris
  2. South india- pullingos ( Tamil Nadu people can relate)

Basic characteristics of Chapri

Colour each and every single hair with the possible color that is there

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Chapri Ktm
Chapri: Everything About Chapris In India 31

Speak in some different slang and pollute the language in the name of making a new language

Chapri Example

Always use bikes like KTM and scooty like Dio, so that they look very cool and increase the level of attraction

Main Qimg Ca87Fa4E48E767F0Bc5Ef9Cb6A6D6E39 Lq

Wear some weird dress and make nuisance in the public so that their crush can laugh and look at them

Main Qimg C06250A1A6Ac847Edd638716410Fcc45 Lq

Keep account in every social media but use only instagram and tiktok

Chapri Boy Pic

Bash education system for getting less marks

If asked

when topper is able to get marks why you are not able to get good marks with the same education system?

( Gets angry and changes bio to depressed teen )

Talk everything about economics without knowing nothing about what economics is

Long time achievement is to have a youtube channel with a million subscribers

Main Qimg F774A1A6Ef7E8B8A2D39Dafd37De7708 Lq
Main Qimg 50333A7Fd0C40D8B2Ec76114A1E9E00E Lq

Always attract girls, which is waste of time

Main Qimg 4D100B2159731F7D1Cdfe30087C7Fde8 Lq

Have logicless instagram bio

Main Qimg 479756D44030Ece9D35D28Da90Faa7A4

Always says

Tomorrow is my exam but I won’t study because a single sheet of paper doesn’t decide my future



They don’t know the hardships that was challenged by the man who told this

Trolling modi means happiness because he banned tiktok

Main Qimg Efe09F0020289Bb0Bf5776A70C8D07De Lq

Praise Rahul Gandhi, because he is a meme material

Main Qimg B1B3584Fff4795D15983D6Bf14Fc5F74 Lq



Biomaths is the hardest stream

Computer science is for hackers

Commerce is for great people

Always follow

Tommorow is my exam but I don’t study because a single sheet of paper cannot decide my future

Main Qimg 2Da56B5D9526Cbeef9C61F5166D5874C

But they don’t know the hardships the person met

A chapri after listening to a english song of justin Bieber

Main Qimg 03F970C6F45A7D797D510Ef30D66Ba6E Lq

Chapri after watching pirates of the carribean

Main Qimg 0B7485F9F172Aca79618388453D83A84 Lq

Chapri feelings and emotions

These species doesn’t know nothing about anything but shout at everyone for no reason

But, Chapris are more talented than educated people

See this famous Chapri – Google Search

Main Qimg C63039A9C685996Dd7Ce9B45F04945F9 Lq

And people are also supporting this type of people

Chappris are a whole another species. They are homo sapiens, but… something happened to them. Something… terrifying.

They fell into this trap called ‘coolness,’ which was fueled by people of a similar caliber through many sites, main ones being Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.

I have been researching them from a long time. I am the chappri-behaviour-research-analyst. I work at ‘abcde,’ a super secret organisation.

It is now time. The time I must tell you about them, and why they are the way they are.

So. ‘Chappri’ is a term. It is usually paired with the words nibba/nibbi. The word ‘chappri’ means a human equivalent to garbage; cringe, and obnoxious. And ‘nibba’ or ‘nibbi’ mean a cringe boy or girl who’s always looking for ‘tRuE LoVE’ and attention.

You will find them dying their hair in different colours.

Main Qimg Ea60A569C6705924Bd45B02825F95B8E Pjlq

He wasn’t joking when he said that he took the colour palette to the saloon.

Main Qimg Cab2F674725B7A5E1F9Dbd887E2Af426 Lq

They have this peculiar scent coming from them. It’s neither perfume, nor cologne. We do not know. We never will know.

They ride these kinds of bikes:

Main Qimg 1441Adf9D98C0F9062Ac6Fcb4C8Aab5E Lq
Main Qimg 753860Ff4051F424D8Cfd984D530Ce7E

Yes. Apache and KTMs. They seem to have a craze for them.

Main Qimg 8Ad62Ee9F11B3Bbb95313A5C1463Dd89 Lq

They don’t speak like normal humans. They don’t.

They speak a different language which could only be understood by anothe human of the same species. They swear at things for no actual purpose. They’ll also go to any extent to impress their crush.

Most commonly found on roads. Going at a very high speed and overtaking other vehicles, ‘races’ with their friends, and triple riding. They don’t have a driver’s license. (They must take risks no?!) Nah, not even their helmet. (Think about what’ll happen to that wonderful hair of theirs!)

Nyeh. Of course they won’t study well. Most of them think that study is a waste of time. So they bunk classes, because their ‘homies’ are more important than their studies.

And here’s the female species:

Main Qimg 776D4Ba36A19Db5998D8452E5Ae9Ec80 Lq

They always wear these… very large sneakers. Ah! Abibas sneakers!

Main Qimg 325C4Ae0E21721D88F5C378363A0Da7F Lq

And they wear a pair of tight-fit ripped jeans. It’ll suit them, because they must’ve DiETeD a lot to be skinny.

Main Qimg 1Ef2Eb99Fce3754B26Eae109D40B478A Lq


Main Qimg 8F03F8Ab396C6C107Aca70Cd170B1C8D Pjlq

They always have kohl on their eyes and a cheap 10 rupee red lipstick on their lips.

Anyways. They don’t exist without having an Instagram account with a dozen followers.

Main Qimg 64Cf5921474A287Fbde187F743751D73
Main Qimg Af4Ec1Cac98D8E1A547Dd4A07E01E462 Lq

Oh god, I forgot they make memes too. Ultra cringe memes with ultra cringe editing. They call em ‘troll memes.’ I cringed so much my brain got fried.

Here’s an accurate representation of their Facebook posts:

Main Qimg 5E6F74C1Fe0A431177A72D5A3525B3Cf Pjlq
Main Qimg 62Eaf000889017978690C9A425F3B405 Pjlq
Main Qimg 5288Bab182Cbbaf8A79D4Ad8F53Fb5C7

(Translation: Fun under the sun)

If you don’t know, the above screenshots are from the popular viva skit ‘Facebook Baba’

Main Qimg 758845127216Fcb413Aa65620C118C6B Pjlq

What is a chapri in India?

Special species of human beings which are found only in India
Found in tiktok, but soon after the government made a ban on tiktok, they became refugees in their own platform but soon managed to escape and come to tiktok and started posting illogical and unwanted posts and made instagram waste
These Chapris are soon planning to come to youtube and spoil the platform, introducing shorts made it more easy for them to make youtube a tiktok

Why are chapris so cringe?

When Modi banned Tiktok in 2019, these aimless creatures went to Instagram and waste their time and made the platform a useless and non worthy place
Now, these creatures are planning to get themselves in youtube and make the place useless, reels have made their work easier

What is the future of those “chappri” kids?

Their entire future depends on how much rich their parents are? Or how many connections their parents have in this nexus world.
We middle class students have no other option accept to study , and if you belong to open category then India can be your hellhole for them.
They start their phones commencement in their life with I PHONES and we have cheap phones.

What is the meaning of Chapri?

Chappra is a place in Bihar and the people of that place is is called chhapariya or chhapri. But now internet has changed the meaning of chhapri after tiktok become famous.
Nibba is basically a teenager boys with cringeworthy look but due to crowd walking (bhed chal) they have got followers on tiktok so they are acting like a super successful superstar. Same goes with the girls acting like Papa ki Pari and influencer on tiktok but on things they can do is lip syncing on songs.
They have cringeworthy bio on social media.

Chapri: Everything About Chapris in India

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