Jessie Lee Ward – Esteemed Leader in Network Marketing Passes Away

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Jessie Lee Ward Network Marketing: Jessie Lee Ward, affectionately known as Boss Lee, a renowned figure in the Network Marketing industry and one the highest-earning individuals, has left this world on 16th September 2023, Jessie Lee Ward was an exceptional person who profoundly impacted the lives of many.

She glowed as a true star in the social media world, with staggering social media followers in terms of numbers in her niche:

Social Media PlatformFollower Count

Jessie’s life took a difficult turn when she received info about the diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer in March 2023. But despite of this sadness, She courageously shared her difficult journey with ups and downs path on her various social media platforms, She was willing to undergo treatment for a long time, but she unfortunately passed on 16th September 2023.

Jessie Lee Ward’s Life Overview

OccupationA Prominent Representative for Prüvit
InnovationA Pioneer in the field of Social Media Network Marketing/MLM
AchievementsA Profound Impact on the Network Marketing Industry
Notable EventParticipation in a Retreat in Colombia
AccomplishmentsAnnual earnings in the multi-million range
Date of PassingSeptember 16th, 2023
InfluenceDeep Impact on the Network Marketing Industry

Jessie Lee Ward, lovingly referred to as “Boss Lee”, left an indelible mark within the Network Marketing Industry. Earning the prestigious title of Network Marketing Queen and standing as the top earner, she displayed unmatched prowess and insight.

Jessie Lee’s Achievements

Jessie Lee Ward: An Unforgettable Social Media Icon, Jessie Lee’s remarkable achievements include earning multi-million annual incomes, induction into the Network Marketing Pros’ Hall of Fame, and her esteemed title as the foremost female network marketer globally.

Jessie Lee’s Journey to Success

Her journey in direct sales commenced a decade ago, driven by the need to cover an additional $300 per month in rent. In 2015, The decision to enter the world of network marketing led to a lasting legacy supported by residual revenue.

Jessie Lee’s Impressive Customer Base

Within just 3.5 years with her current company, Jessie Lee individually acquired a customer base of over 800,000 individuals, alongside 25,000 promoters, from across 28 countries and beyond.

Jessie Lee’s Guiding Principles

Jessie Lee’s guiding principles included a focus on systemization and detailed methods. She passionately believed that systems and techniques can be duplicated, but you can never copy or duplicate someone’s personality and individualness.

Jessie Lee’s The People’s Mentor

Jessie Lee hosts “The People’s Mentor” podcast, which has racked up over 3.3 million downloads. She’s also got huge followings on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Jessie Lee’s Diverse Passions

Training, coaching, mentorship, animal rescue, self-love, and empowerment for women and men were some of her diverse passions. A majority of her business thrived in the digital world, showcasing her travels around the world.

Jessie Lee Ward’s Obituary

Jessie Lee Ward, also known as Boss Lee, left an indelible mark as a star in network marketing, a mentor in business, a social media influencer, and a podcast host. She served as a brand ambassador for Prüvit, a company specializing in ketone-based nutritional supplements.

Tragically, she passed away after fighting a stubborn battle against stage 4 colon cancer on September 16, 2023, at the young age of 35.

Jessie Lee Ward’s Relationships

She revealed her relationship with Israeli musician and producer, Aviram, in 2023.

Jessie Lee Ward’s Early Life and Career

BirthdateOctober 12, 1987
Place of BirthMiddletown, Maryland
EducationHunter College in New York City
Field of StudyMarketing and Communication
Career Before 2015Sales Manager at Verizon Wireless
Entry into PrüvitStarted network marketing in 2015
Achievements at PrüvitBecame highest earner and recruiter globally
Team Size at PrüvitLed a team of over 1.6 million customers and 21,000 promoters in 41 countries
EntrepreneurshipFounded “Jessie Lee” enterprise for coaching and mentoring
Literary WorksAuthored books including “The MLM Queen” and “Boss Up”
Public Speaking EngagementsFeatured at conferences and events like GoPro, Network Marketing Pro, TEDx, and more
PhilanthropySupported causes like animal rescue, children’s education, and cancer research
Social Media PresenceImpressive following on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook
Instagram FollowersOver 300,000
TikTok FollowersMore than 200,000
YouTube SubscribersExceeded 20,000 subscribers
Facebook FollowersAttracted over 150,000 dedicated followers
Content SharingShared insights, guidance, and personal stories with the audience
PodcastHosted “The People’s Mentor” podcast, discussing topics like business, leadership, etc.

Jessie Lee Ward’s Diagnosis and Battle Against Cancer

Jessie Lee Ward’s Cancer Revelation2023
Surgery and ChemotherapyOngoing
Holistic Medicine and Alternative TherapiesOngoing
Maintaining Optimism and ResilienceOngoing
Leadership Retreat in ColombiaJanuary 2023
Birthday Celebration in Las VegasOctober 2023
Positive Tumor Marker ReductionAugust 2023
Deterioration and HospitalizationSeptember 2023
Jessie Lee Ward’s PassingSeptember 16, 2023

Jessie Lee Ward’s Personal Life

Jessie Lee Ward married Shane Ward between 2016 and 2017. They parted friendly, and stayed friends. Her romance with Aviram, an Israeli musician and producer, was revealed in 2023.

As their connection prospered, they went on adventures to Colombia, Mexico, Israel, and Las Vegas.

Boss Lee had an extremely deep affection for various animals, It was very clear that because she had ownerships of multiple dogs, cats, and horses.

She personally backed for the rescue of countless stray and abandoned animals, and also very actively contributed to various animal welfare organizations in the country.

Her kindness also extended to underprivileged children, as she whole-heartedly supported various charitable initiatives.

Jessie Lee Ward’s heritage lives on through her surviving family, including her parents, Mario Brown (her biological father) and Lisa Ward (her adoptive mother), her siblings Justin Ward and Ashley Ward, her partner Aviram, as well as a vast circle of extended family and friends.

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