Muhurat Trading 2022: Importance, Timings, Market Performance, Check Details Here

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Muhurat Trading 2022: Diwali, The Festival of Lights, is an auspicious time of the year to start any new activity or invest in your financial life. So why should people like you, traders and investors, be restrained? 

Here comes Muhurat Trading. The word Muhurat means an auspicious time to start something new or to make some investment. Muhurat trading is an exclusive one-hour trading session allowed for stock trading during Diwali. Every Professional stock and intraday trader waits for this trading event as the Muhurat hour is said to bring prosperity to traders.

Every year, the stock markets hold a symbolic session of trading to mark the beginning of the Accounting Year in the Hindu Religion called “Samvat”, This year’s Muhurat Trading will take place on 24th October from 6.15 P.M. – 7.15 P.M.

Muhurat Trading 2022 Overview

Muhurat TradingTimings
Date 24th October18.15 -19.15 Hrs
Block Deal Session17:45 – 18:00 Hrs
Pre-Open Session18:00 – 18:08 Hrs
Muhurat Trading Session18:15 – 19:15 Hrs
Post Closing Session19:25 – 19:35 Hrs
Duration1 Hour
Table of Muhurat Trading Timings

History of the Muhurat Trading

The Muhurat trading session has a history of almost sixty years. Merchants regard this as a blessing from the goddess of wealth and prosperity, the goddess Lakshmi.

The oldest Asian stock exchange, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), started trading in Muhurat in 1957, while the National Stock Exchange (NSE) has operated since 1992.

Muhurat Trading 2022 Importance

The day of Muhurat Trading marks the Lakshmi Pujan, and market participants wish to purchase and trade on this day to receive the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and begin the journey to wealth for the year.

Muhurat trading is an auspicious time to execute trading activity in the Indian stock market, held during Diwali, a major festival for the Indian people. The trading period of the Muhurat is unlimited and changes every year. Many investors buy stocks for a long time during the Muhurat trade because they consider it attractive. Brokers Like Paytm Money give all their customers Brokerage-Free orders; as Mentioned by them, The Brokerage amount charged during the event of Muhurat Trading will be reversed by the broker within 3 Business days.

The trade made on this day is primarily due to its auspicious timing, traditional, religious and emotional reasons, and it is mainly held for a long and extended period of time, usually a year or more. Afterwards, consumers and investors usually book their profits.

What is the trade of Muhurat?

Muhurat trading is a one-hour special trading session allowed for stock trading on Diwali. A small multi-party session preceded the main session. All trades made during the event of Muhurat trading session lead to a settlement. Many stockbrokers, brokers and traders consider buying and selling stocks during the Muhurat trading period a good thing.

This symbolic event of Muhurat Trading’s 1-hour session calenders the beginning of a new Hindu Accounting year, known as Samvat, which is expected to bring market growth as India is likely to experience more economic stability and prosperity.

The timing of this Muhurat trade has not been fixed and is changing every year. Many investors buy stocks for a long time during the Muhurat Trading Event because they believe it is a favour.

Muhrat Trading Belief 

It may be an ideal time to start your investment journey, as there is a popular axiom that investors who trade in Muhurat trading hours will witness lots of wealth at the end of the year. It is also a factor that traders and investors may choose to begin their day with prayers and purchase stocks in the companies they want to hold for the long term.

This day might be viewed as the beginning of your financial investment journey. This is one of the reasons why plenty of individuals are beginning to open the stock market at this exact moment and expect success in the future.

On Muhurat day, all traders and investors should take into account the upcoming trading activity in order to make an informed investment. By predicting the market conditions of the day before, one can minimize their risks and maximize profits.

Make sure you have a well-informed Trading plan. Knowing what assets you want to trade and when is key to making smart and intelligent investment decisions on Muhurat day.

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Why the Muhurat Trade?

It is customary to do business during Muhurat, such as the worship of the Hindu goddess of wealth. Therefore, trading on this day, which is also when the Hindu financial year begins, is considered a blessing for the coming year. In addition, the Gujarathi community begins its new year on the day after Laxmi Puja (Muhurat Trade Day).

Muhurat Trading 2022

According to the Hindu calendar year, Diwali falls on Monday, 24th October 2022, on Samvat 2079. The trade of Muhurat is believed to bring prosperity and wealth throughout the year.

Trading Session BSE & NSE Timing
Pre-open Muhurat6.00 pm – 6.08 pm
Muhurat Trading6.15 pm – 7.15 pm
Post-closing Muhurat7.25 pm – 7.35 pm

Note: For trades conducted on 24th October, the Custodian Participant code modification/give-up confirmation time is 19:15 Hrs to 19:25 Hrs or 7:15 P.M. to 7:25 P.M.



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Muhurat Trading Sessions 2022

Muhurat Trading is customarily open for only an hour at a predetermined time as opposed to the usual weekday opening time of 9.15 A.M. to 3.30 P.M. Muhurat Trading is generally divided into the following parts:

Block Deal Session

This security is listed on an exchange and available to buyers and sellers. When the buyers and sellers agree on a price, they inform the exchange, and thus they are able to settle on the price of this security.

Pre-Open Session

The Pre-Open Session usually lasts for eight minutes in the Muhurat Trading Session and decides the equilibrium price.

Normal Market Session

 In the one-hour segment of Muhurat Trading, Buy/Sell and Trading happen to be like the usual market sessions.

Call Auction Session

The Call Auction in the Muhurat Trading session is specifically designed for trading illiquid securities.

Past Market Performance in Muhurat Trading Sessions

Based on the Past Market Performances in Muhurat Trading Sessions of the last few years, The post-Diwali retail market is generally bullish, offering excellent short-term investment opportunities for following up to avoid the rush of funding. If you wish to avoid investing in the Muhurat Trading session, it will be a brilliant idea to check out your portfolio year in and year out.

SignUp/Log In to your favourite Investment/Trade Broker App/Platform on 24th October and participate in Muhurat Trading on this day. Start the year in a profitable and prosperous way by welcoming Goddess Lakshmi, the embodiment of prosperity and wealth.

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Things You Must Know About Muhurat Trading: 4 Important Things.

Are there any benefits to Muhurat Trading?

There are no specific benefits of Muhurat trading. It is mainly for worship on a good day, which is the first day of the Hindu calendar, There are sayings that it brings along prosperity, Therefore, Ace Traders Execute Trade in this time period. 

Is Muhurat Trading suitable for new investors?

Muhurat Trading is said to be special and exciting for the new trader. As part of Muhurat Trading, one gets to understand the market and can try with very little investment. After gaining a thorough understanding, traders can invest by picking the best stocks.

Is Intraday allowed in Muhurat trading?

There are no restrictions on day-to-day trading during Muhurat trading.

Is Muhurat Trading Profitable?

While experienced traders may make a profit during the Muhurat Trading period, and the same has been noted over the years, the whole idea of ​​trading during the Muhurat trading period is to mark the beginning of prosperity and wealth. Sensex has been noted to be on the bullish side for a long time now.

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