Netizens Posting Stories & Status about the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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An Opinion | Written By Dibash Sarkar

Netizens Posting Stories & Status about the Death of Queen Elizabeth II, Did the Queen’s Death Really Hurt Their Sentiments or it’s just a trend that everyone is following to look cool?

Death Of Queen Elizabeth Ii
Death Of Queen Elizabeth Ii

People have different perspectives towards an incident and that differs from person to person According to their experience and knowledge of that particular incident. I have friends who still face discrimination while working in the UK. They face so many difficulties there but still, they chose to stay for the sake of putting bread on their table. As India has more population and less employment. Otherwise, who loves shifting somewhere else leaving their comfort zone?

On the other hand, if we talk about jobs, the leaders of India were very selfless back then they gave their blood for the freedom we are enjoying today but now that extortion was introduced to India by the British, corruption has come into existence to a large extent which is done by few of our recent leaders under the table, people have lost trust in this government when it comes to employment and development as they’re busy warming up their own pockets.

Hence they run abroad for the sake of their bread as we all know survival is important but back of their mind they still leave a part of themselves here as shifting away from family for bread is a big deal and so is forgetting the history. It’s a complete dilemma for them.

It’s just like our past. We forgive people who do wrong to us but never forget what they did to us. What has been done cannot be changed or argued upon as international laws, allied countries and political agendas restrict us to do that to maintain the imports and exports and international relations which are part of survival after all. Otherwise, war will destroy the earth itself. So all we do is carry forward the grudge which isn’t right either but in the end, this is how human psychology functions.

In the end, the root cause of the conflict was survival and lifestyle. And to understand this conflict between the two countries and why the hatred still exists between their people, we need to have a deeper understanding of India and the UK’s history by combining human psychology.

What we are witnessing is the tip of the iceberg. The depth of the iceberg is the history of the two countries.

Queen Elizabeth Ii
Queen Elizabeth Ii Statue

The first thing is if you talk about people who never posted about the queen and talking about her today has an attention-seeking syndrome they can’t get over from and the people who used to admire before and write shit today are hypocrites. And then comes a few people who are the opinion leaders without proper information and definitely fed with misinformation. Apart from these people, we should only consider people who have backed their statements with facts and logic as we all know every incident has for the motion and against the motion be it a positive or a negative top.

And writing about RIP to her post and commenting shit on her both come from this root cause I have described above. It’s just the people’s perspective regarding the incident that is reflected today as the death of the queen is a piece of major news that has triggered the sentiments of both two categories of people.

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