Paytm Servers Down: Paytm App, Paytm Money & Payments Reportedly not working for many users

Netizens are reporting that the Paytm servers are down & currently facing issues, The Paytm App and Paytm Money are also not working, Many users are reportedly facing issues with the Paytm app, as the app has been logging them out without their knowledge. This has led to a number of users being unable to use the app or send money.

Paytm is one of India’s largest digital payment platforms, with over 200 million customers using the app to make payments, transfer funds, and pay bills. The outage is affecting users in India at the moment, with many users reporting being unable to use the app at full functionality. The outage appears to be affecting the app and website & also the Paytm Stock Broking Platform Paytm Money, with users being logged out suddenly and being unable to log back in. Some users have been able to access their accounts, but are unable to make payments or transfer funds.

A large number of people transact in the Indian stock market by using the Paytm Money App, Now as the Paytm Money app is not working and the servers of Paytm are down, Traders are unable to trade in the stock market nor they are able to login into the Paytm Money app to view the stock market analytics for today.

Paytm, the leading Indian payment platform is facing a major outage at the moment. Users are reporting being unable to use the app at full functionality, with logouts and logins being affected. The outage is affecting not just payments but the entire app and website including Paytm Money. Users are reporting being logged out suddenly and being unable to log back in.

A Snapshot Of Paytm Server Down
Paytm Not Working ‘Server Down’

Paytm’s official Reply in the Server Outage

Paytm has released an official statement in regards to the recent server outage via Twitter. They have confirmed that there is a ‘Network error’ with the app and their team is currently working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We currently do not have any more information about what caused the problem. Stay tuned for further updates on the situation.



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