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The post office does not only do the work of delivering the letters to their address, but it is related to the life of the people. The postal department is involved in the moments of happiness and sorrow of the people.

Post Office Business Ideas

Post Office Business Ideas: Start Post Office Business with Just Rs 5000, To start a post office franchise business is a profitable venture, especially for those living in rural areas. Through the post office franchise scheme, you will be able to provide counter postal services with a defined time schedule in regions where post offices cannot be opened.

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Post Office Franchise Schemes

Post Office Schemes: Yesterday we celebrated World Post Day. World Post Day is celebrated every year on 9 October to honor the postal services. National Postal Week is organized from 9 to 16 October to commemorate World Post Day.

The post office does not only do the work of delivering the letters to their address, but it is related to the life of the people. The postal department is involved in the moments of happiness and sorrow of the people.

Apart from all this, the post office plays many other roles. It keeps the savings of the people safe and also provides investment opportunities. Even the post office provides employment to lakhs of people.

Today, on the occasion of Postal Week, we are talking about how to get employment from the post office.

Types of Post Office Franchise

India Post offers 2 types of franchisees through its franchise scheme:

  • Counter services through Franchise Outlets in areas where there is a demand for postal services, but a post office cannot be opened.
  • Sale of postal stamps and stationery through Postal Agents in urban and rural areas.

Through franchise outlets, you will have to provide post office facilities in those parts of India where there are no post offices. Secondly, through postal agents, you have to deliver postal stamps & stationery from door to door in urban and rural areas.

Other Business Ideas

How can a post office be our source of income?

You can make the post office your means of earning and for this neither much capital is needed nor any degree diploma. Even a person who has passed only the eighth pass can make the post office a source of income.

Here we are talking about the post office franchise. By taking a post office franchise, you can earn up to 50 thousand rupees every month. By taking a franchise, you can start earning by doing work in the post office somewhere in the village or city.

Let us tell you that there are many such places across the country, where there is a need to open a post office, but this facility cannot be provided there, so a franchise outlet is opened to provide postal facilities to the people there.

How much Investment is required for Post Office Business

For getting a post office franchise, you have to deposit a security amount of Rs. 5000, after which the post office gives you commission according to your work. You have to sign a Memorandum of Agreement by filling the form.

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How much Area Required for PO Franchise?

If you look at the conditions for opening a post office, then at least 200 sq. ft. of the office area is necessary. The age of the person who wants to open a post office should be at least 18 years. Also, he or she must be 8th pass, and also no member of the family should be in the postal department. 

Who can take the post office franchise,

Any Indian citizen can do this work. The age of the person taking the franchise should be more than 18 years. A person wishing to take a franchise should be a VIII pass.

After taking a post office franchise, you earn through commission. In this, you can earn by selling registered articles, speed post-booking, money orders, registry, postage stamps, postal stationery, and money order forms.

Franchise Scheme of Post Office Business

India Post entrusted with the Universal Service Obligation of increasing access to basic postal facilities throughout the country. Even though India has the largest postal network in the world, with over 1.55 lakh post offices, including 89% in the rural are, there continues to be a demand for post offices. There is a constant demand from customers to open more post offices especially in newly developing urban agglomerations.



To meet this India post had introduced the franchise scheme through which the counter services are to be franchised, while delivery and transmission will be continued through the Department. The franchisee will provide service across the counter for a minimum defined time schedule with flexibility to work round the clock.

What can be offered by Franchise outlet?

  • Sale of stamps and stationery.
  • Booking registered articles, speed post articles, money orders.
  • Functioning as an agent for Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and provide related after sales service, including collection of premium.
  • Retail services like bill/tax/fine collection/payment services of the Department.
  • Facilitating the provision of e-governance and citizen centric services.
  • Any other service introduced by the Department in future through its outlets.

How to Become a Franchisee?

Applicants for franchises would need to submit an application in a prescribed format. The selected franchisee will sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department. Criteria for selection have been fixed considering the need to select persons with the capacity to manage and market a range of products, along with a sense of the community needs and public aspects of the job, and willingness to accept technological options.

How To Take a Post Office Franchise

There are two types of franchises in the post office. One is Outlet Franchisee and the other is Postal Agents Franchisee. You can take any of these two franchises.

Apart from this, agents deliver postage stamps and stationery door to door in urban and rural areas. It is known as Postal Agents Franchisee.

You have to apply for a post office franchise. To apply, you can click on this official link on the Indian Post website link. From here you can download the form and apply for the franchise.

After the application, all those who will be selected for the franchise will have to sign an agreement with the Department of Posts. After this agreement, you can start the work of giving the facilities provided in the postal department to the people.

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Commission of a Post Office Franchise

On becoming a franchise partner of the postal department you will start getting commission from the department.

  • For per Speed Post: Rs 5
  • For 100 – 200 Rupees Money Order: Rs 3.50
  • For More than Rs 200 Money order: Rs 5
  • For Postage Stamp, Postal Stationery, Money Order form: 5 percent commission

Direct Link for Post Office Franchise

Click on its official link to Apply for Franchise:

For more details Click Here.

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