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Pug Dog Price- The Price of a Puppy Pug in India can start from as low as Rs. 5,000 up to Rs. 25,000, with an average price of around Rs. 10000 – Rs. 12000 in Delhi NCR as a Reference. There are several factors that determine the price of a Puppy Pug. The most important is the lineage of the Pugs & The Quality of the breeders themselves.

The Pug often called the Pug Dog, is an ancient breed that can be traced back some 2,000 years. The emperors of ancient China had a preference for flat-faced toy dogs—the Pekingese, Shih Tzu, and Pug were all developed as refined pets of the emperor, his family, and members of the imperial court.

Pug Dog Details

A Pug’s character is unique in that he is a clown at heart with a terrific sense of humor but at the same time, he carries himself with great dignity. They are not too delicate for fun and games.

A Pug is anxious to please, anxious to learn, and anxious to love. His biggest requirement is that you love him back. Here we will see Pug Dog Price & Also all other Details


10-13 inches


14-18 pounds


13-15 years

Other Names:

Mops, Carlin, Chinese Pug, Lo-Sze, Mopshond

Country of Origin: 

Asia, around 400 BC.

Breed Traits & Characteristics

  • Pugs are happy in the city or country, with kids or old folks, as an only pet or in a pack.
  • They enjoy their food, and care must be taken to keep them trim.
  • They do best in moderate climates not too hot, not too cold but, with proper care, Pugs can be their adorable selves anywhere.



How affectionate a breed is likely to be with family members or other people he knows well. Some breeds can be aloof with everyone but their owner, while other breeds treat everyone they know like their best friend.


Good With Children

A breed’s level of tolerance and patience with childrens’ behavior, and overall family-friendly nature. Dogs should always be supervised around young children or children of any age who have little exposure to dogs.


Good With Other Dogs

How generally friendly a breed is towards other dogs. Dogs should always be supervised for interactions and introductions with other dogs, but some breeds are innately more likely to get along with other dogs, both at home and in public.


Hair Everywhere

How much fur and hair you can expect the breed to leave behind. Breeds with high shedding will need to be brushed more frequently, are more likely to trigger certain types of allergies, and are more likely to require more consistent vacuuming and lint-rolling.



How frequently a breed requires bathing, brushing, trimming, or other kinds of coat maintenance. Consider how much time, patience, and budget you have for this type of care when looking at the grooming effort needed. All breeds require regular nail trimming.




Less Likely to Drool

How drool-prone a breed tends to be. If you’re a neat freak, dogs that can leave ropes of slobber on your arm or big wet spots on your clothes may not be the right choice for you.

Colors of Pug Dog

Silver, apricot, fawn or black, black mask and ears and black trace along the back.

Here suggesting you the best food to be given to your dog

AgeArden GrangeRoyal CaninPedigreeFocus
Up to 3 monthsWeaning puppyMini  starterMother & PupStarter
Up to 15 monthsPuppy JuniorPug JuniorPuppy small breedPuppy
Above 15 monthsAdultPug AdultAdult small breedAdult

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Breed Colors & Markings





General Appearance: PUG Dogs

Symmetry and general appearance are decidedly square and cobby. A
lean, leggy Pug, and a dog with short legs and a long body are equally objectionable.

Pug Dog Standing Side View
Pug Dog

Size, Proportion, Substance:

The Pug should be multum in parvo, and this condensation (if the
word may be used) is shown by compactness of form, well-knit proportions, and hardness of
developed muscle. Weight from 14 to 18 pounds (dog or bitch) desirable. Proportion square.


The head is large, massive, round – not apple-headed, with no indentation of the skull.
The eyes are dark in color, very large, bold and prominent, globular in shape, soft and solicitous
in expression, very lustrous, and, when excited, full of fire. The ears are thin, small, soft, like
black velvet. There are two kinds – the “rose” and the “button.” Preference is given to the latter.
The wrinkles are large and deep. The muzzle is short, blunt, square, but not faced. Bite – A
Pug’s bite should be very slightly undershot.

Neck, Topline, Body:

The neck is slightly arched. It is strong, thick, and with enough length to
carry the head proudly. The short back is level from the withers to the high tail set. The body is
short and cobby, wide in chest and well ribbed up. The tail is curled as tightly as possible over
the hip. The double curl is perfection.


The legs are very strong, straight, of moderate length, and are set well under. The
elbows should be directly under the withers when viewed from the side. The shoulders are
moderately laid back. The pasterns are strong, neither steep nor down. The feet are neither so
long as the foot of the hare, nor so round as that of the cat; well split-up toes, and the nails black.
Dewclaws are generally removed.


The strong, powerful hindquarters have a moderate bend of stifle and short hocks
perpendicular to the ground. The legs are parallel when viewed from behind. The hindquarters
are in balance with the forequarters. The thighs and buttocks are full and muscular. Feet as in


The coat is fine, smooth, soft, short, and glossy, neither hard nor woolly.


The colors are fawn or black. The fawn color should be decided so as to make the
contrast complete between the color and the trace and mask.


The markings are clearly defined. The muzzle or mask, ears, moles on cheeks, thumb
mark or diamond on forehead, and the backtrace should be as black as possible. The mask
should be black. The more intense and well-defined it is, the better. The trace is a black line
extending from the occiput to the tail.


Viewed from the front, the forelegs should be carried well forward, showing no weakness
in the pasterns, the paws landing squarely with the central toes straight ahead. The rear action
should be strong and free through hocks and stifles, with no twisting or turning in or out at the
joints. The hind legs should follow in line with the front. There is a slight natural convergence of
the limbs both fore and aft. A slight roll of the hindquarters typifies the gait which should be
free, self-assured, and jaunty.


This is an even-tempered breed, exhibiting stability, playfulness, great charm,
dignity, and an outgoing, loving disposition

A Pug dog has a life span of 12 to 15 years. Pug’s in India have a shorter life span of about 8 to 10 years.

Pug Dog
Pug Dog Price In India


Pug Dog Price – Pug Dog Price in India

CityPet Quality (₹)Show Quality (₹)Total Annual Cost (₹)Food Cost * (₹)Veterinary
Cost * (₹)
Cost * (₹)
Insurance Cost * (₹)Others * (₹)

Pug Dog Price in India

Pug Dog Price – Pugs, due to their popularity as family dogs, fetch a premium price. The initial Pug Dog Price depends on the following. 

  • The quality of the puppy – A show-quality puppy, can cost twice as much as pet quality. 
  • The city from where you buy the Pug puppy 
  • The reputation of the breeder 
  • The lineage of the puppy
  • Kennel Club of India certification

The average cost of a Pug in India is between ₹8,000 to ₹30,000.

Did you know, most Pug Dog Price & Sales in India are through brokers. They play a vital role in bringing buyers to sellers. A good broker will directly take you to the dog breeder and be happy to answer all your queries. A broker typically makes a 10% to 15% commission from the resulting sale, a small price to pay when buying a non-native dog.


Pug Dog Price – Your Pug will need deworming every three months. Worming your Pug ensures proper health and well-being. Consult your vet on the worming medication and dosage. As the dosage size is proportional to the dog’s body weight.  

In |India, worming tablets are not expensive; each one will cost you approx ₹100. You can buy worming tablets online.

In addition, you will also need

  • Antiseptic spray, cotton, and band-aids. Approx ₹500
  • Ticks and flea powder. Approx ₹500
  • Shampoos and conditioner. Approx ₹1,500
  • Ear drops to prevent ear infections. Approx ₹150

Frequently Asked Questions About Pug Dog

How much does a Pug dog cost in India?

Pug Dog

The price of a Pug dog can range anywhere from INR 8,000 to INR 20,000, depending upon the size and quality.

What is the average weight of PUG?

Pug Dog Standing Side View

A Pug can weigh anywhere from 6.3 to 8.2 kg or 14-18 pounds!

Are Pugs Really Lazy?

Pugs are Considered Lazy. Despite their small size, Pugs do not like to move much and usually sleep 14 hours a day just because they can! But be careful with your Pug’s weight; these dogs have an irresistible begging skill, so it’s essential to monitor your pet’s food intake to avoid obesity. They may enjoy some light exercise now and then

Are Pugs Jealous of Other Dogs?

Pug Dog Standing Side View

Jealousy is a common feeling among dogs. When they don’t get enough attention from their owners, Pugs can become jealous, anxious, or agitated.

Does Pug bites hurt?

Yes though Pug bites are adorable and people may find it cute, it still hurts

Can Pugs be left alone at home?

Pugs can be left alone for 8-10 hours per day as long they are house trained. To prevent accidents, you should use a baby gate to confine your Pug to certain areas of the home or use pee pads if available.

What food is not healthy for Pugs?

Pug Dog

Grapes and raisins are toxic for dogs. They can cause kidney failure, which is a deadly condition. So please don’t give them anything with grapes or raisins in it!

Why are Pugs expensive?

There are several factors that determine the price of a Puppy Pug. The most important is the lineage of the Pugs & The Quality of the Breeder themselves.

Is it better to get a female or male Pug?

When it comes to choosing between a male and a female Pug, there are many opinions. Some people prefer males because they’re more affectionate, while females will hold back until you show interest in their affections. However, this is not always true as some females can be quite outgoing!

Are Pugs really Aggressive?

Pugs Aggression is often manifested by barking, lunging, or growling, but sometimes fear-related incidents too happen!

Do Pugs Protect their owners?

Pug Dog

The answer is yes! Pugs are so loyal to their owners that they sometimes forget about themselves.
But, don’t worry because these dogs will never leave your side no matter what happens or who comes near them; just look at the loyalty in those cute eyes!

How Smart Pugs really are?

Pug Dog Standing Side View

Pugs are not only a small breed but also quite intelligent. However, they may be hard to train because they can be willful and mischievous, which means you’ll need consistency in your training methods if you want them to follow commands on command every time!

Pug Dog Price- The Price of a Puppy Pug in India can start from as low as Rs. 5,000 up to Rs. 25,000, with an average price of around Rs. 10000 - Rs. 12000 in Delhi NCR as a Reference. There are several factors that determine the price of a Puppy Pug. The most important is the lineage of the Pugs & The Quality of the breeders themselves.

How Long Do Pugs Live

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