Reddit Blackout: What’s the Deal? Know Everything Here

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So, here’s the thing: Reddit wants more money. And to get it, they’ve decided to kill off some third-party apps. Yeah, not the greatest move in the eyes of Redditors, who are now staging a massive protest and keeping parts of the site in the dark.

Let’s back up a bit. Thousands of subreddits went private on Monday to show their disapproval of Reddit’s decision to start charging third-party developers for accessing its data. Initially, the blackout was set to end on Wednesday morning, and while some subreddits are coming back online, others are taking a stand and staying down indefinitely. It’s a battle of wills, my friend, and it’s shaking up Reddit’s bottom line — the very thing that sparked this protest in the first place.

Reddit’s API PricingReddit introduced charges for its API in April, which has faced widespread criticism from users, especially those using third-party apps.
Previous API ModelPreviously, Reddit’s API was free, and the sudden shift to a paid model has left many users dissatisfied.
Site-wide BlackoutAs a response to the API pricing change, moderators and users from thousands of subreddits have organized a blackout in protest.
Scale of the ProtestThe blackout has seen participation from over eight thousand subreddits, making it one of the largest organized protests on Reddit.
CEO’s Memo to EmployeesIn response to the situation, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman issued a memo to Reddit employees to address the ongoing protests.

Now, you might be thinking, “I don’t use Reddit, so why should I care?” Well, buckle up because this affects more than just the Reddit community. If you’re into any other social media platform or use any free online service, this is relevant to you. You see, the whole business model of the internet, where you pay with your attention instead of your wallet, is changing. And your experience online is about to change too.

Big players like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and, of course, Reddit, are either seeing their profits shrink or feeling the pressure to start making some serious cash. Even ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is feeling the squeeze. Either our attention and data aren’t as valuable as they used to be, or these platforms weren’t effectively monetizing them in the first place and are now scrambling to figure it out. The days of getting the best experience on a platform without paying for it are pretty much over, my friend.

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In the case of Reddit, they’re not asking users to fork over money. Nope, it’s the developers behind those third-party apps that are being hit in the wallet. And boy, are they angry! They rely on these apps to enhance their Reddit experience, and now they’re being asked to pay up. This isn’t the first time Reddit has faced backlash like this, but it’s definitely causing a stir. Redditors aren’t backing down easily, but Reddit doesn’t seem willing to budge either.

So, let’s break it down. Reddit is a community, sure, but it’s also a business. And like any business, making money is a top priority. That’s why they’re planning to charge for commercial access to their API (application programming interface), which many third-party developers depend on to power their own awesome Reddit-based apps. These apps often outshine Reddit’s own offerings, and that doesn’t sit well with the powers that be. On top of that, Reddit is tightening the reins on sexually explicit content in those third-party apps, while still allowing it on their official app. According to Reddit, most services using their API won’t be affected, and they’re rolling out their own moderator tools to make up for any losses.

But here’s the kicker: Reddit used to be totally fine with outsourcing these tools to third-party developers. It wasn’t until April that they announced they’d start charging for API access. So you can understand why developers like Christian Selig, the creator of the popular Reddit app Apollo, were taken aback when they were slapped with a hefty bill. Selig estimated that Reddit would charge him a staggering $20 million a year! That’s way more than his app was making, and he believed it was more than Reddit needed to cover their costs. In response, he decided to shut down Apollo on June 30, the day before Reddit’s new pricing comes into effect. And Selig isn’t the only one. Other third-party apps are following suit and bidding farewell to the Reddit community.

Seeing the impact this would have on them, a group of Redditors, many of whom are moderators, organized a temporary boycott. They made participating subreddits private or restricted for 48 hours, starting on Monday. The blackout gained traction, with nearly 8,500 subreddits, some boasting millions of subscribers, going dark. As of Wednesday morning, around 6,500 subreddits were still in the shadows.

The blackout has caused quite a stir, even making Reddit crash at one point due to the overwhelming number of private subreddits. But what happens next? Will the blackout make a lasting impact? Only time will tell. While it was initially planned as a two-day event, some subreddits have decided to remain offline indefinitely, while others are still weighing their options. The real test will come on July 1, when the API pricing changes take effect and the third-party apps shut down. That’s when we’ll see just how vital those apps were to Redditors and, consequently, to Reddit itself.

Reddit Ceo Steve Huffman
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Here’s the thing, though: Reddit doesn’t seem interested in compromising. CEO Steve Huffman expressed his belief that this “blowup” will blow over, just like others in the past. Reddit has made a few minor concessions, but they don’t seem to be planning any additional changes. They want to be “fairly paid” for their API, and honestly, you can see their point. It costs them money to provide the services needed for the API to function, and these third-party apps aren’t displaying Reddit’s ads, so they’re not directly bringing in the moolah. Besides, Reddit is reportedly getting ready for an IPO, so they need to bolster their finances. Layoffs and cost-cutting measures have become the norm in the tech industry, as everyone tries to rake in more cash while spending less.

But let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Reddit was perfectly content outsourcing these tools to third-party developers for years. They didn’t even have their own mobile app until 2016 when they replaced Alien Blue, a third-party app they had acquired. The Reddit app still lacks some features that many third-party apps offer — features that users crave. Rather than improving their own app to match the competition, Reddit made a decision that blindsided those developers and their users. Sure, the possibility of something like this happening was always there, but who could blame the developers for assuming it wouldn’t after all this time?

Now, Reddit isn’t the only platform shaking things up. The truth is, advertising isn’t as valuable as it once was. Your eyeballs and data aren’t enough to sustain free services anymore. That’s why more and more social media platforms are shifting toward a paid business model.

Take Meta and Twitter, for example. They’re both looking for a chunk of your hard-earned cash. They’ve become quite aggressive about it too. Paid offerings, like Reddit’s own Premium service, used to be mere add-ons. But now they’re seen as vital revenue generators. Elon Musk’s Twitter is a prime example of this shift. While he’s cutting costs and laying off employees, he’s pushing for Twitter Blue, a paid version that makes the free experience less appealing. They’re also targeting businesses with Twitter for Business, charging hefty fees for premium features and, you guessed it, API access.

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Don’t think Meta is lagging behind. Shortly after Twitter introduced its paid verification plan, Meta followed suit. They offer a paid verification service for Facebook and Instagram users, complete with increased visibility and better customer service. And unlike Twitter, they actually verify the users by requesting a government ID. For now, they haven’t taken features away from their free users to make the paid service more enticing.

At the moment, many social media platforms still offer free versions of their services. You can still post photos on Instagram and send tweets without pulling out your wallet. But who knows how long that will last? The aggressive pay-to-play schemes may make or break these companies’ business models, reshaping the future of social media.

As for Reddit, it remains to be seen whether the outrage over the API decision will lead to a long-term drop in users and revenue. Reddit seems confident that it won’t, and it’s possible that people will stick around simply because there isn’t a comparable alternative. Just look at Twitter — dissatisfied users may grumble, but they ultimately stick around. The user experience may not be as great without their favorite third-party apps, but it might still be good enough to keep them engaged. Unless, of course, Reddit introduces another paid feature that makes the free version even less appealing. Time will tell.

All in all, Reddit’s stance remains firm, and other platforms are following suit. It seems like moderators and the rest of us who grew accustomed to the freewheeling days of the internet may have to adapt to the new reality of paid social media. The era of everything being free is slowly fading away.

Why are users protesting and staging a blackout on Reddit?

Users are protesting and staging a blackout on Reddit to voice their opposition to the new API pricing. They believe that charging for the API will negatively impact third-party apps and hinder the accessibility and functionality of the platform.

How many subreddits are participating in the blackout?

Currently, over eight thousand subreddits are participating in the blackout to show their solidarity and protest against Reddit’s API pricing decision.

What is Reddit CEO Steve Huffman’s response to the backlash?

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has responded to the backlash by acknowledging the protests in an internal memo to Reddit employees. He expresses confidence that the protests will eventually subside, comparing it to previous controversies on the platform.

Has the protest affected Reddit’s revenue significantly?

According to Huffman’s memo, the protests have not significantly impacted Reddit’s revenue. Despite the blackout, normal business operations are expected to continue.

How long will the blackouts and protests last?

The duration of the blackouts and protests remains uncertain. While some subreddits may end their blackout soon, others might continue their protest for an extended period, depending on their grievances and demands.

What precautions are advised to Reddit employees regarding the protests?

n his memo, Huffman advises Reddit employees to refrain from wearing any company-branded attire in public for their safety. The cautionary note suggests the need to distance themselves from the ongoing situation.

How are third-party apps affected by the API pricing?

The introduction of API charges has adversely affected various third-party apps, such as Apollo for Reddit. These apps rely on Reddit’s API for their functionality, and the new pricing model poses financial challenges and potential limitations for their operations.

How powerful is collective action on Reddit?

The ongoing blackout on Reddit demonstrates the power of collective action within the platform’s user base. It showcases how users can unite to voice their concerns and exert pressure on Reddit’s decision-making processes.

How will Reddit navigate the situation while addressing user concerns?

Reddit will need to strike a balance between addressing user concerns and maintaining its revenue streams. The company will likely engage in discussions with users, evaluate the impact of the pricing changes, and explore potential solutions or compromises to alleviate the backlash.

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