RT PCR Report: Download your RT PCR Report Online – Get your COVID – 19 Test Report Here Now

Rt Pcr Report

RT PCR Report: Amid the sudden spike in Covid-19 cases in the Country, Government is making the RT-PCR test report mandatory for the inter-state movement. The Government will ensure reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) report at the inter-state border, RT PCR Report Online Download the RT PCR app, evolved via way of means of the Nation … Read more

Conventional and Novel Bioreactors for Cell Cultures

In general, a conventional submerged type of bioreactor/oxygenator with an agitation system has been used in cell cultivations. The same type of oxygenator as used for the homogeneous cultivation of microorganisms may be applied for plant cell cultivation and for micro-carrier-supported animal cell culture. There are three major types of homogeneous-oxygenator systems used for propagating … Read more

Algae Bioreactor

An algae bioreactor is used for cultivating micro or macroalgae. Algae may be cultivated for the purposes of biomass production (as in a seaweed cultivator), wastewater treatment, CO2 fixation, or aquarium/pond filtration in the form of an algae scrubber. Algae bioreactors vary widely in design, falling broadly into two categories: open reactors and enclosed reactors. Open reactors are exposed to the atmosphere while enclosed … Read more

Google Career Certificates | Every Thing You Need to Know

Google Career Certificates, Grow With Google

Google Career Certificates: Google has launched a career certificate programme to help businesses and job seekers learn the skills they need to succeed in India’s new digital economy. Introduction to Google Career Certificates For this, Google is working closely with Coursera and is trying to reach out to more than 10 lakh people in the … Read more

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis MEGA Software for Bioinformatics

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis Mega Software For Bioinformatics

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA) is computer software for conducting statistical analysis of molecular evolution and for constructing phylogenetic trees. Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis – MEGA Software MEGA is a Computer software Description of MEGA Software Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis is computer software for conducting statistical analysis of molecular evolution and for constructing phylogenetic trees. … Read more

Isolation and Cultivation of Microorganisms

Isolation And Cultivation Of Microorganisms

Isolation of Microorganisms: Microorganisms occur in natural environments like soil. They are mixed with several other forms of life. Many microbes are pathogenic. They cause several diseases with a variety of symptoms, depending on how they interact with the patient. The isolation and growth of suspected microbes in pure culture are essential for the identification … Read more

Vaccine Certificate – COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Download process, Correction & Verification Methods


Vaccine Certificate – Download process, Requirements, Verification, Configuration can be viewed here. Find out more about downloading the Corona Vaccination Certificate here. Full details on the Immunization Certificate will be found in our article today. In our article on Vaccination Certificate, you will be told how to download it and details about its complete process … Read more

What is an Artificial Womb? Everything Explained: 21st century Science Advances

Artificial Womb: The World'S First Artificial Womb For Humans

Artificial Womb: Artificial wombs are designed to help premature babies to continue developing after their birth but emerging scientific research is making it possible to use them to create designer humans entirely from scratch. Every human fetus requires around 37 weeks inside the mother’s uterus to fully develop and then comes birth but not every … Read more