Conventional and Novel Bioreactors for Cell Cultures

In general, a conventional submerged type of bioreactor/oxygenator with an agitation system has been used in cell cultivations. The same …

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Algae Bioreactor

An algae bioreactor is used for cultivating micro or macroalgae. Algae may be cultivated for the purposes of biomass production (as in a seaweed cultivator), wastewater …

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Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis MEGA Software for Bioinformatics

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis Mega Software For Bioinformatics

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA) is computer software for conducting statistical analysis of molecular evolution and for constructing phylogenetic trees. …

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Isolation and Cultivation of Microorganisms

Isolation And Cultivation Of Microorganisms

Isolation of Microorganisms: Microorganisms occur in natural environments like soil. They are mixed with several other forms of life. Many …

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