Shocking: Female Candidates Forced to remove innerwear at Kerela NEET exam Center

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An incredibly shocking incident happened in the exam center of NEET UG 2022 in Kerala, a teenage girl 17 years old was going to sit for her first ever NEET UG exam, where in the entrance frisking the girls and women was forced to remove their innerwear mainly the brassiere, as reported by the news agency PTI.

Sunday, (July 17): Young girls and women taking the National Entrance Examination (NEET) at a non-governmental educational institution in the Kollam region of Kerala had to suffer an extremely humiliating experience of having to take off their underwear to get permission. did write a test According to the father of the 17-year-old girl who took the first knit exam, his daughter has not yet recovered from the traumatic experience of having to take the exam for three hours without a brassiere.

The girl was mentally disturbed and could not give her exam with concentration after the incident, also the other girls were feeling the same,

The father, who will report to the police and appeal to the Human Rights Commission, told a TV channel that his daughter was dressed according to the dress code mentioned in the UG NEET 2022 Notification bulletin where there was no mention of underwear or inner garments.

Female Candidate Forced To Remove Innerwear At Kerela Neet Exam Center
Image: PTI/Republic

In response to the incident, Kerala State Higher Education Minister R. Bindu said on Monday that the exam was not organized by a government agency and what happened suggests a serious mistake and humiliation by the organizers. of NEET UG 2022,

The organizer’s attitude toward women and college students who did not consider human rights was unacceptable. I would like to express my regrets to the National Testing Agency (NTA) and the Center, which are the central government agencies in charge of entrance exams and conduct the Exam on behalf of the educational institutions.

We will be conveying our disappointment regarding what happened to the Centre and the National Testing Agency

Kerala Higher Education Minister R. Bindu

After the incident, Kerala police brought a lawsuit against the villagers for forcing the girls to take off their underwear.

Police said on Monday that several political parties were protesting against the university in connection with the incident.

A high-ranking police officer at the ward office said that female police officers went out to record the policewoman’s statement, and that appropriate measures such as filing a complaint will be taken according to her words.

They were looking into the private agency which was given the responsibility of conducting the test.

A Senior Police Officer of Kollam District, Kerela

Police said they were also investigating the private agency responsible for the inspection.

Meanwhile, the Kerala Human Rights Commission ordered an investigation into the case on Monday. The committee instructed Kollam Rural SP to submit a report within 15 days.

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