Top 10 Lip, Face, and Body Scrub that are Worth Buying in 2022

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Top 10 Lip, Face, and Body Scrub that are Worth Buying in 2022 – Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin just like you exfoliate your life in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Before we dive into the types of body scrub, let’s educate ourselves a little about what body scrub is and what it does to the skin.

Body scrub or face scrub can also be considered as exfoliators that help to remove the dead skin cells, dirt from the skin pores and improve the appearance of the skin, leaving the skin smoother and softer.

Now there’s a slight difference between scrub and chemical exfoliators.

A scrub is basically a cream-based skin product filled with microbeads that helps in exfoliating the skin whereas chemical exfoliators are chemical agents that are applied to the skin in order to get a long-term effective result.

Scrubs are made in response to the types of skin. So be aware of your skin type while choosing the perfect scrub for your skin. There is oily, dry, combination, sensitive and normal skin.

Top 10 Lip, Face, and Body Scrub that are Worth Buying in 2022
Top 10 Face Scrub In India
Top 10 Face Scrub in India

Top 10 Face Scrub in India

Now without distracting ourselves any further, let’s check out the top 10 face scrub that are worth the buy

1.  Plum Green Tea Gentle Revival Face Scrub

2. Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Face Scrub Rose and Papaya

3. Mcaffeine Naked Detox Exfoliating Green Tea Face Scrub

4. Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub

5. Skin secrets Sheet Mask For Nourished & Radiant Skin

6. Mamaearth Ubtan Scrub For Face

7. The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Scrub Foam

8. Wishful Yo Glow Facial Enzyme Scrub

9. St. Ives Gentle Smoothing Oatmeal Scrub & Mask

10. Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub (All Skin Types)

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Top 10 Body Scrub In India
Top 10 Body Scrub in India

Top 10 Body Scrub in India

Exfoliating our body along with our face is equally important, So here are the Top 10 body scrub recommendations

1. Nykaa Wanderlust Body Scrub

2. Mcaffeine Naked and Raw Tan Removal Coffee Body Scrub



3. The body Shop Strawberry Softening Body Polish Scrub

4. Sanfe Back & Bum Detox Scrub (Dry) with Peach and Olive Oil Extracts

5. Mamaearth Neem Body Scrub with Neem & Tulsi For Skin Purification

6. Biotique Bio Nut De – Toxifying Body Scrub

7. Lakme Perfect Radiance Day Cream & Dove Pomegranate Body Polish Scrub Combo

8. The Body Shop British Rose Body Scrub

9. Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Glowing Body Scrub

10. Plum Bodylovin’ Drivin’ Me cherry Gel Body Scrub

Top 10 Lip Scrubs In India
Top 10 Lip Scrubs in India

Top 10 Lip Scrubs in India

Are we missing on something? Of Course yes! Why not exfoliate our lips when we exfoliate our face and body on a regular basis?

Without delaying any further, let’s check out top 10 lip scrubs that are worth the buy

1. Mcaffeine Coffee Lip Scrub For Chapped & Pigmented Lips – 100% Vegan

2. ENN Candy Floss Lip Scrub

3. VILVAH Lip Scrub

4. Earth Rhythm Lip Masque

5. Juicy Chemistry Pigmented Lips Combo

6. ENN Cinner Lip Plumping Scrub + Balm

7. TAC – The Ayurveda Co. Vitamin C Lip Scrub

8. Just Herbs Ayurvedic Vegan Rose Lip Scrub For Dry, Dark and Chapped Lips

9. Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Lightening Lip Balm

10. TNW The Natural Wash Lip Scrub + Lip Balm For Lip Care

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Tip of the day

  • In order to live a clear skin life one needs to exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week.
  • Also bead size of scrubs play a crucial role in exfoliating the skin. So don’t forget to patch test before using the product.

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Top 10 Lip, Face, and Body Scrub

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