Trendy Makeup Hacks 2023 That Are All Over The Internet (New)

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Trendy Makeup Hacks: Did you know that several ways can reduce the cost of your makeup and enhance your beauty? Yes, you read the right thing!

A full face of makeup requires a lot of precision and hacks that come in handy to get that perfect full face makeup look.

Be it your eyes, cheeks, lips, or the base, if you don’t want to waste your money on buying unnecessary makeup products then we have got you covered!

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How to do Makeup at Home for Beginners

A full face of makeup requires step-by-step procedures to be followed carefully:-

  • Step 1 – Before applying anything on the face, the skin should be cleaned with a facewash of your skin type to avoid sebums and dirt on the top layer of the skin.
  • Step 2 – After cleaning the face, apply a moisturizer that suits your skin as per the summer/winter season.
    • As the skin acts differently in different seasons, the requirement of the skin should be analyzed and taken care of, as nothing enhances beauty more than clear and healthy skin. Also, the texture of the skin has a lot to do with the outcome of the makeup look so moisturizer is a mandatory step after a facewash, face scrub, face pack, and before makeup at the same time. Forgetting this step may result in a cracky or patchy makeup look!

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  • Step 3 – Coming to the third step, apply a silicone-based blur perfect/pore minimizing primer as the primer helps in blurring and minimizing the pores and improving the skin texture to help the foundation glide smoothly on top of the skin.
    • (Select the primer that suits your skin according to based on your skin type. Refer to our previous blog to learn about your skin type)
  • Step 4 – This is an optional step, if you are a person who is dealing with skin pigmentation, then colour correctors are your best friend. From your dark circles, and pimples to your skin discolouration, everything can be corrected using the right colour corrector to achieve the desired perfection.
    • There are 6 colour correctors, green, yellow, orange, cool brown, lavender and warm brown. For example – if you have a red pimple, the complementary colour green can correct the redness on the skin. In the same way, if you have bluish dark circles, the complementary colour orange can correct it. This is how a colour corrector should be used based on the requirement.

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  • Step 5 – Your skin is now ready to apply the foundation. Choose the foundation according to your skin type, it can be any foundation like liquid, powder, cream or stick foundation. The most important part is to choose the right shade.
    • (Choosing the right shade can be difficult as oxidation is the major issue while determining the foundation shade. So always choose the shade based on your undertone and oxidation level of the foundation. It is preferred to choose one shade lighter if the undertone is matching the shade perfectly).

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  • Step 6 – After blending the foundation, apply the concealer under the eyes and on the highlighting points to enhance your features.
    • (Use a shade of your skin and a shade lighter than your skin and blend them to get the best result when it comes to using concealers under the eyes).
  • Step 7 – After you are done concealing, apply loose powder under the eyes for baking and compact powder on your entire face. Keep the loose powder for at least 20 mins before dusting it off, to get the best baking result. Also, it helps to remove the pigments of the fallout of eyeshadow under the eyes.
    • (The loose and compact powders are banana powders but if you are a person who doesn’t prefer shade-based powders be it a compact or a loose powder. Then you can opt for the translucent powder in loose and compact both).
  • Step 8 – Now you can use an eyebrow pencil to draw your eyebrows but an eyebrow gel or powder does the job too. If you are running out of brow products, use your dark brown eyeshadow with an angled brush to draw your brows precisely.
    • (Don’t forget to clean the brow line using a highlighting concealer and outlining them carefully with a brush).
  • Step 9 – Let’s come to our beautiful eyes now. There are two types of eye makeup. An Eyeliner or eyeshadow or both. If you are more of an eyeliner person then there are different kinds of eyeliner methods like siren eyes, sharp wing, half wing etc. which go easily with a transition eyeshadow.
    • Apart from that, there are different types of eyeshadow designs which can be carried with a kajal lining as well as eyeliner. Creating an eyeshadow look is all about understanding colour theory, So understanding colour theory for colour choosing and mixing is a must. Apart from that, Pinterest also helps in choosing designs of eyeshadows.
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Eyeshadow Makeup Hacks

You can use your liquid or powder blush, lipstick, contour, bronzer and highlighter to use as an eyeshadow. It works as a saviour when you are searching for your desired shade and your vanity already has that colour in the different product range. Use your products to the fullest until you hit the pan!

Also, you can use your compact powder to blend the edges of dark colours on your eyelids to make them blend perfectly onto your skin. Was that hack useful? Try it!

Also don’t forget to complete your eye look using an eyelash, lense and mascara.

(Eyelashes have different varieties in terms of the thickness of the lashes and lenses have their different colours which need to be selected to understand the colour theory of the eyeshadow look!)

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Types of eyeshadows

There are matte, shimmer and glitter eyeshadows. These are available in creamy, liquid, powder or gel formulas. Select your desired eyeshadow based on the categories mentioned, as it will help you pick the best formula in your price range.

  • Step 10 – Now it’s time to enhance our face shape. You need to know your face shape properly before enhancing them. There are different face shapes like round, oval, etc. Research about types of face shapes to know yours! You can enhance your face shape using a contour or a bronzer.

    Use of Contour: Contour will give you a grey/cool-toned shadow, whereas bronzer will give you a warm tone effect. It depends on the schedule, if you are going out in the daytime and you need that sunkissed effect then bronzer is your saviour.

    Also, there are two formulas for contour and bronzer that is powder and cream. In the summer season people usually prefer powder products to avoid creasing and in winter people usually prefer cream products to avoid dryness. It is subjective based on the skin type.
    • (You can also use darker shade lipsticks to form the shadow on your face just in case you are running out of your contour product. Make sure to blend the pigment with your foundation shade to get the best colour that matches your skin tone. Also, an eyeshadow with a darker shade which is close to warm or cool brown can be used to define your face shape.)
  • Step 11 – Now that you are done enhancing your face shape, apply the desired blush on your cheek. There are different types of blushes, cream blushes, powder blushes, cheek tints etc.
    • (Blush Hack – Use any shade of your lipstick and mix it up with your foundation to get the desired liquid/cream blush. Also, you can use eyeshadows as your blushes by blending them with a foundation or a concealer in case you are running out of blush in your vanity. The mixed blush formula will be 99% based on the formula of your foundation)
  • Step 12 – Highlighters are the most important element to complete the entire look! So use a cream or a liquid highlighter of your shade to enhance your cheekbones, browbones, nose bridge, and cupid’s bow and get that illuminating effect on your face. Highlighters can be used on any high point of your body.
    • Example – Shoulders (You can also use eyeshadow and strobe cream as your powder and cream highlighter).
  • Step 13 – You are ready to go with just a swipe of lipstick now! Use your desired lip shade after contouring your lips using a darker shade of the same colour family to get that plump lip effect! You can also use lip gloss directly after lip lining to get that gloss look.
    • Switch to matte by patting a matte eyeshadow on top and shimmer eyeshadow for a matte yet glossy look! Try these hacks and let us know if it was useful!
  • Step 14 – Finish the look by summing the entire task up with a setting spray! A setting spray not only keeps the entire makeup intact but also blends everything smoothly. It is a must-have product if you want your makeup to last longer than usual.
    • Layering setting spray while prepping each step of your base can make your makeup go waterproof! It has that strong role in the overall look. So go grab a setting spray if you don’t have one!
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Tips and Tricks –

  1. Use a strobe cream under your foundation if you want a glass skin-like effect.
  2. Use a toner, setting mist, sunscreen, or facial oil depending on your skin type before applying the foundation.
  3. Never use a liquid product on top of a powder product as it will go all patchy after blending. If you choose cream products, layer them step by step and bake them with the final powder touch-up to avoid creasing.
  4. If your eyeliner or mascara goes wrong, clean that tiny area using the sharp ends of a cleaning pad and pat down your concealers on that particular area just like you did in the initial stage of your makeup.
  5. Allow the concealer to try down for a minute or two and blend with a blender or a brush. Then layer a bit of compact on that tiny area and your mistake is corrected!

Don’t forget to hit the notification bell if you find these tricks and tips helpful and want more lifestyle tips, hacks and updates. Stay Stylish!

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