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This was an effort by AFPR along with ODRways (now SAMA, Solve All Matters Amicably) to discover the nuances of mediation and dispute resolution using online mediums to offer a safe, quick, cost-effective and humane approach to resolve the disputes without the expense of time and cost for courts.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Indian Mediation week in the month of January, 2020. The main objective of the foundation behind this was to promote mediation amongst general public by way of mediation awareness drives which was the core part of the Indian Mediation Week’s ‘Bottom to Top’ approach for access to speedy justice which is proving extremely fruitful during this pandemic. The workshop gained an overwhelming response from not only students pursuing law but also from dedicated professionals working in the field who made this a fruitful event.

This workshop marked the books of AFPR with great success and acted as motivational encouragement for mediators, arbitrators, lawyers and non-lawyers to explore ODR as a profession and become an ODR Ambassador to sensitize the world about this passionate initiative by SAMA thorough the use of its technology, proven techniques and a new generation of skilled professionals.


In this regard, the foundation proposed a workshop on ‘Disaster Management & Response Structure in Uttar Pradesh in the face of a pandemic’ in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority was organised on 18th May, 2020 with a vision to inculcate the arising need for “First aid and Disaster Management” amongst the young generation. The workshop was inaugurated with a welcome speech of Lt. Gen. Ravindra Pratap Shahi, AVSM (Vice- Chairman, Uttar Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority, Ex Chief of staff) and followed by felicitation of attendees and members of the AFPR.

The workshop was conducted to establish the concrete framework to safeguard India’s cultural heritage in the times of disasters and pandemic which are highly prone to the unimaginable damage to the essential physical and human resources. In the event, a lecture cum demonstration was focused on strengthening the various aspects of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 as explained by the Hon’ble speaker. The workshop proved itself to be a successful event in providing its aim, vision and programmes along with various other activities and precautions to be adopted and carried out during these stressful situations, under the guidance of trained professionals. To expedite the purpose of this workshop, students were acknowledged about the procedures which ought to be followed in a constructive manner to help the victims during such times of distress; so that they could extend their arms for the moral and social duty for the citizens of India and prove themselves as the greatest possible help. Hon’ble speaker also appreciated the efforts and perspective of the organization that made this event prosperous and successful. The foundation is greatly overwhelmed by the tremendous support of our partners and participants. The workshop concluded on a positive note with the vote of thanks to our Honorable speaker, members and participants for, being an unseparable part of this workshop and their pledge to support the nation in times of distress. 

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