Zomato National Language

Zomato National Language #RejectZomato: Zomato Apologises for National Language Controversy, Reinstates Terminated Executive

Zomato on Tuesday issued a public apology after one of its customer care executives called Hindi the national language while addressing a customer grievance. 

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Zomato National Language

On Monday evening, the Zomato customer — identified as Vikash — posted screenshots showing the conversation with the company’s customer care executive wherein he asked for a refund from the restaurant for an item that he had not received.

The conversation between the executive and a customer appeared on Twitter that resulted in outrage as many people slammed the food delivery aggregator for considering Hindi as the national language. The Gurugram-based company initially terminated the executive to put the controversy to rest. However, Zomato co-founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal later reinstated the employee, calling it an “ignorant mistake.”

The Zomato executive noted that he tried calling the restaurant but was unable to speak due to a “language barrier.”

The customer responded by saying that if Zomato was operating in Tamil Nadu, it should hire personnel who speak in Tamil.

The executive cited a language barrier being the reason behind the miscommunication, but when Vikash said that they should have sent a person who knew Tamil, the executive, to his horror, said: “For your kind information, Hindi is our national language. So it is very common that everybody should know Hindi little bit.”

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In response, the executive promptly remarked that Hindi was “our national language” and it was “very common that everybody should know Hindi.” 

The executive later apologized to the customer and said that there was no way to compensate in the matter, the screenshots shared by the customer show.

In addition to the apparent conversation, the customer claimed on Twitter that since he did not know Hindi, the executive told him that the amount he paid for the order that he did not receive could not be refunded.

“Also takes lesson that being an Indian I should know Hindi. Tagged me a liar as he didn't know Tamil,” the customer posted on the microblogging site.

Hours after the tweet was published, it came into the limelight and raised the controversy against Zomato over the national language claim made by its executive.

Zomato National Language

The hashtags #RejectZomato and #StopHindiImposition started trending on Twitter.

Zomato responded to the customer with a public apology letter to address concerns raised by people.

Zomato issued an official statement along with an apology to the customer and confirmed that the executive had been terminated after social media uproar. However, Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal informed in another tweet that the part-time executive had been reinstated.

“We are sorry for the behavior of our customer care agent, we have terminated the agent for their negligence towards our diverse culture,” the company said in the letter. 

This customer care agent's statements do not represent our company's stance towards language and diversity.”

Why is it offensive?

Hindi is one of the official languages detailed in Article 343 of the Indian constitution but has not been designated as the “national language” in any official capacity.

There has always been stringent opposition from south Indian states to the imposition of the Hindi language on people who speak other regional languages. 

Not only was this statement factually incorrect since Hindi is not our national language, but is was also an offensive thing to say, something Vikash pointed out in his tweet. 

“Reject Zomato” trends on Twitter

Soon, hashtags like “Reject Zomato” and “Hindi imposition” went viral with 20k tweets and over 4,500 likes and 2,500 retweets.  

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