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Center for Environmental Studies

In field of environmental studies we wish to take ara ther different approach and wish to initiate a mass awareness drive through PPP model and approaching the students making them work on various awareness drives, social and research projects.

Center for Governance, Justice & Legal Studies

For the principle of good governance it intends to make policies so as to counter redtapism, illegal profiteering, promote transparency amongst government agencies; focusing on critical analysis of existing government policies.

Center for Social equality & stability

In social sector AFPR intends to work on core issues which have kept the society backword like sanitation, education, health & hygiene among others. It wishes to bridge the gap in education system which has come out as a result of decade old education policy by creating new education policy.

Center for Economic studies

In the field of economic studies, AFPR focuses on analyzing the three pillars of economic development. i.e.- structural reforms, investment, and fiscal responsibility by conducting extensive research to determine what policies must be put forward to achieve as table economic growth rate.

Center for International Relations, National Security and Strategic studies

In field of international relations and securities, we wish to conduct extensive research on India’s foreign policies and its present relations with the other nation states.
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